Email campaigns will be stopped when the system detects high bounce rate/ spam complaints on your email recipients.

When you make the email campaign live, the web application will send the email to a subset of your list and if the bounce rate or spam complaint is higher than the threshold limit, your campaign will be immediately stopped.

You will see the notification banner inside the campaign journey and details can be viewed by clicking View details.

How should I fix the bounce rate or spam complaints?

  1. Remove all stale contacts.

  2. Check the source of the contacts. Ensure that all the contacts were collected by your business with the consent of the recipient.

  3. Ensure that all the contacts in the list are expecting some form of communication from your side.

You can filter bounced emails by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. On your contacts module, click the Filter by. This opens a sidebar that allows you to filter contacts based on various conditions. 

  2. Search and choose Subscription status from the dropdown.

  3. Filter out contacts based on the conditions -  Reported as spam and Bounced.

  4. Bulk select contacts that have been segregated using the filter conditions. Click on Delete to remove the contacts.

Email Outgoing Temporarily Disabled

If the number of campaigns stopped due to a high bounce rate / or spam complaints is more than two, then the email outgoing service of the account will be temporarily disabled.

Once the email service is suspended, you won't be able to send any kind of email including email campaigns, journey emails, and transactional emails.

What can I do to re-enable my email service?

Write to and provide the following details:

  1. Number of contacts removed

  2. The source of the contacts that are currently present in the system.

  3. Source of the recipients that email was bounced.

Note: The authority to re-enable your email feature lies only with the support team. To re-enable the feature, contact the support team and inform them that your mailing list has been sanitized. Upon verification, the email feature will be re-enabled.

Once your email functionality is live, get started by sending emails to those contacts with whom you are certain of getting a response or opens. This improves the open rate of your emails and reduces the bounce rates gradually.