Every CRM user has their own set of data that they would like to track. While some managers may want to track the sales activities of their team every day, others might want to prioritize deals closed in the past week.

The data that managers, salespersons, and marketers would like to track every day vary from team to team.

For this reason, users have the ability to create their own Analytics dashboards. The Analytics dashboard is an embed of the Analytics module in the dashboard pane by default.

When a user logs-in to their Freshsales account for the first time, the Sales Essentials Dashboard will be the default dashboard and comes with pre-seeded sample data. Learn more

You can open additional tabs to add specific (curated and custom) dashboards by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

1) You can open up to 3 report tabs.
2) The name of the tab will be the name of the report.
3) The order of the tabs can be switched and will remain the same each time the user logs in.

Click Dismiss. The web application will populate your organization’s data.

Using the Analytics dashboard, users can create personalized widgets to view and track the data that is most important to them.