Configure and add fields to the Sales Activities to capture more information pertaining to the activity. Get more context from details that can be captured through fields instead of notes.

To understand this better, let us consider an example. Assume that you are in the business of selling cars and would like to capture sales activities relevant to your business. A sales activity unique to your industry would be test drives. To capture granular details about test drives you can create a field relevant to the sales activity.

To add a field to the sales activity,

  1. Go to Admin Settings> Deals & Pipelines > Sales Activities and click

  2. This brings up the page where you can configure the field to associate with your custom sales activities.

  3. Click .  This brings up the Add field overlay. Choose the type of field you wish to add and click . All existing types of fields are supported for the new custom fields under Sales activity.

    Note: Max 5 of each field type are supported.

  4. Configure the field by adding the field description and values and click.

This creates a new custom field under sales activities.

You can capture data using this field while associating a custom sales activity with your contact.

Adding dependencies to the fields

You can also add dependencies to the fields added under custom sales activity. For example, in the case of our example, if you would like to record the model year number that the customer is interested in, you can capture it using dependent fields. Create a dependent field titled ‘Model year’ and associate it with the ‘Vehicle Tested’ field.

- Dependent fields can be created on top of Custom fields created.
- The max dependency field limit is 100 in all the plans

  • Your sales activity contains the following default fields:
    1. Title
    2. Outcome
    3. Date
    4. Time These default fields cannot be edited or removed. For outcomes, you have the option to edit or add additional outcomes if required.
  • Custom fields created will be common for all types of custom sales activity. 

  • Adding & deleting fields in custom activities will reflect across all Custom Sales Activities.

  • Re-ordering of custom fields is supported

  • API - All the custom fields of a custom sales activity are exposed as Public API endpoints.

  • Analytics will also support these custom fields in the reports created.

  • Access to custom sales actitivities is governed by roles and permissions. If you want to grant/revoke access to custom sales activities, refer to this article.

  • Custom sales activities is available from the Pro plan