Sometimes a user wouldn't be able to attend the meeting due to certain circumstances. In such cases, if the date/time crosses, the meeting would be marked as complete. To avoid this situation, you can allow the user to mark a meeting or custom sales activity as complete once they finish the activity to reflect the actual status. 

To set this up,

  1. Go to Admin SettingsDeals & Pipelines section and click Sales Activities.

  2. On the Sales Activities page, click the meeting or the custom sales activities icon to enable the mark as a complete option. This opens the sales activity settings overlay.
  3. The settings page presents you with options to choose from,
    1. Allow users to mark this activity as completed - Selecting this option will allow the users to mark the meeting or custom sales activity as complete once the activity is done
    2. Allow users to edit the completed date and time of this activity - Selecting this option empowers the users to edit the completed date/time. If this option is not selected, the application will mark the date/time on when the user marked the activity as complete.

Note: Custom sales activities is available from the Pro plan for Freshsales and Freshsales Suite

How can a user mark the activity as complete?

  1. Go to Activities Dashboard which is the landing page when you log in. It has a list of tasks, meetings and other sales activities of yours.
  2. Click Mark Complete button against the meeting or sales activity that you have finished.
  3. You can add the outcome and description if required post marking the activity as complete.
  4. You can also mark the meeting or sales activity as complete by clicking the title which opens the sales activity overlay. Select the Mark as completed checkbox and change the date if required, else the current date/time would be recorded as the completion date.