Transactional emails
Marketing emails
Transactional email is one on one email which contains information that is uniquely relevant to an individual recipient.

Marketing email is generally sent to a group of contacts or leads.
They are action-based emails triggered to the contact who performed certain action on the website

One-shot email is sent to a larger group of people.
Transactional emails cannot be sent to targeted list or segments

Marketing emails can be sent to defined lists or segments.
The deliverability rate of the email is high and emails land in the inbox since emails are sent from high IP

The deliverability rate is comparatively low when compared with transactional emails.
Transactional emails are instantaneous and are triggered the moment the end-user hits an API endpoint/performs the action on the website For example: when someone requests for a password reset, immediately a reset link email is triggered to inbox.

Delay blocks can be added to the journey and we have control over the time For example: Send a newsletter after 2 weeks.
Contacts need not subscribe to transactional emails.
Contacts must subscribe to these marketing emails