The web application gives you the ability to create unique system-generated numbers that can be assigned to records. When you create an Auto-number field, the web application will generate a unique value for a record.


How to add an Auto-number Field?

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Leads, Contacts & Accounts > Contacts/Accounts

  1. Click the Add Field button.

  2. In the ADD FIELD overlay that appears, click Auto-number and click Add selected

  1. In the ADD FIELD form, fill in the following details:

    1. Field label - Name of the auto-number field

    2. Prefix - Enter alphanumeric and/or special characters that would precede the number. The maximum length of the prefix is 5 digits and is case insensitive. For example, STU or ID. Prefix is optional.

    3. Number of Digits - Display format of the auto-generated number. For example, if the number of digits is 4 and the Auto-number is 100, the number displayed would be 0100. By default the number of digits is 4.

    4. Starting Number - Value from which the numbers would be assigned to each record. For example, if the starting number is 100, the newly created record will be assigned the number 100. By default the starting number is 1.

  1. Click Save. You will receive the following confirmation pop-up

Features of the Auto-number Field

The following are the pointers that you should know before creating an auto-generate field:

  1. The starting number cannot be greater than 90000000000.

  2. The maximum value of an auto-generated number is 99999999999 (11 digits).

  3. Negative numbers are not allowed.

  4. You cannot change the format once it is saved.

  5. The auto-number increments by a value of 1 which cannot be changed.

  6. When you merge two records, the auto-number of the primary record will be retained

  7. The auto-number used for a deleted record will not be re-used for a new record.

  8. You cannot import numbers into the auto-number field.

  9. An auto-number field is system generated and cannot be edited.

  10. You can assign a starting number of your choice so that newly created records would start from the defined number.