The email campaign builder in the web application enables users to design impactful email campaigns using an assortment of email templates. Users can also customize email templates or create their own with content blocks provided by the web application. Here are some of the content blocks available that can enhance your email's visual appeal:

Content Block



Drag and drop the Title block to add a detailed description or title to your email. Use the toolbar to format the text with font size, type, alignment, and more.

You can also customize the title color, alignment, spacing, direction, and more under the Content Properties overlay.


Drag and drop the Text block to add text to your campaign. The Text block has a toolbar that allows you to format the text with font size, font type, alignment, and more. You can also choose to create a bulleted or numbered list, insert a link, add Special links to manage subscriptions or view in browser links, or Personalize using placeholders.
Additionally, you can customize the properties of the block with text colours, link colours, spacing and more. 


Drag and drop the Paragraph block to the desired section to add detailed paragraphs of text to your email campaign. Its associated toolbar is similar to that of Text content.
Under the content properties, you can leverage options to customize color, spacing, and padding and hide this section from a mobile or desktop view.


With List block, you can create ordered or unordered lists within your email campaign. Using the toolbar and the content properties overlay, you can manage lists, choose from a number of list style types and indents, and much more. 


The image block enables you to embed images in your email campaign. To add an image to your campaign, click Browse. This helps fetch an image for your campaign in one of three ways:
  • Upload them from your local storage

  • Import from the web.
  • Search for free photos from one of many stock image websites that offer images under a Creative Commons license.
Once your image has been uploaded, you can customize the image display, dimensions, alignment, and links from the Content Properties overlay. 


Drag and drop Button content block to add CTA buttons to your email. Edit your button text using the editing toolbar. To customize your button, you can use the content properties panel. You can define the CTA of your button– choose between webpage, email, call, or SMS– and then customize the alignment, color, spacing, and more.

You also choose to add attributes to the button block like you had configured attributes to track the button clicks.


Drag and drop the Divider block to create visually appealing email layouts by adding dividers between content sections.
SpacerDrag and drop the Spacer block to introduce blank space between content sections.
SocialDrag and drop the Social block to include social media icons links like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook within your email campaign.Under the Content Properties overlay, you can customize the icons by selecting from a variety of designs, editing their titles and URLs, and even adding new icons for email or other purposes. You can also choose to include a custom icon of your choice.

HTMLThe HTML block offers advanced customization options by allowing you to insert HTML code directly into your email campaign.

VideoThe Video block enables you to incorporate videos within your email campaign. Customize video settings and provide the URL of the video. The system automatically generates a preview image if it is a Youtube or Vimeo URL.
IconsThe Icons block allows you to add custom icons to enhance the visual appeal of your email campaign.
Customize the Icon image, link it to a webpage, adjust the spacing, and much more under the Content Properties overlay.
MenuThe Menu block allows you to include navigational menus within your email campaign.
You can configure the items in the menu and customize the mobile menu display along with the usual customizations through Content Properties.

The Sticker block offers advanced customization options to add unique visual elements. 
You can search for one or more options from the stickers with Giphy to add to your email campaign.

GIFEnhance your email campaigns with dynamic content by incorporating animated GIFs using the GIF block.
Easily search and include captivating GIFs from Giphy to make your emails more engaging and visually appealing.