The email campaign builder in the web application allows users to design email campaigns with a large assortment of email templates. Additionally, users can also customize email templates or create their own with content blocks provided by the web application. Users have the following content blocks to choose from:


Drag and drop the Text block to add text to your campaign. The Text block comes with a toolbar that allows you to format the text with font size, font type, alignment, and more. You can also choose to create a bulleted or numbered list, insert a link, or add merge tags(placeholders) .

Additionally, you can customize the properties of the block with text colours, link colours, spacing and more. 


The image block allows you to embed images in your email campaign. To add an image to your campaign, click Browse. This allows to fetch an image for your campaign in one of three ways:

  • Upload them from your local storage

  • Import from the web.

  • Search for free photos from one of many stock image websites that offer images under a Creative Commons license.

Once your image has been uploaded, you can customize the image display and dimensions from the right side panel. You can customize image width, set alignment, add links to the image, and more 


Drag and drop Button content block to add CTA buttons to your email. Edit your button text, using the editing toolbar. To customize your button, you can use the content properties panel. You can define the CTA of your button– choose between webpage, email, call, or SMS– and then customize the alignment, color, spacing, and more.

You can also choose to hide the button section on desktop or mobile devices by selecting the option.


Drag and drop to add a divider to your content section