Verification of the sender's email address is a prerequisite for sending an email campaign. When you have multiple senders on the same domain, this verification allows you to save your time by verifying your whole domain instead of verifying each sender's email address. The web application allows multiple verified domains.

Here’s how you can add and verify a Domain on the web application:


  1. Go to Admin Settings and click Domain Verification. This opens the page where you can verify your domain settings.

  2. Click “Add new domain”. This brings up a dialog box where you can add your Domain name, and sender email address.

  3. Add your Domain name, Primary Sender Name, and Primary Sender Email Address and click next. It takes you to the Configure page where you can find the DNS record.

  4. Copy the DNS records from the Configure page. Click copy on the Host and Value for all the records.

    The following DNS verification records are provided by the web application:





















v=spf1 ~all


DNS stands for Domain Naming System which allows mapping an incoming domain request towards the corresponding IP address of the server. For example, when you search for, the DNS records fetch the relevant IP address of the server and serve you the website. Each website has a unique IP address which is being paired to the server through the DNS records.

There are different types of DNS records. Typically the web application needs you to update CNAME, TXT, DKIM, and SPF records of your domain. The record values vary from domain to domain.

  • CNAME record which is a canonical name record that allows fetching your domain with a “www” at the front.

  • TXT is a text record which is customizable and can serve various purposes based on the needs.

  • DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail which ensures the mail is being received from an authorized domain.

  • SPF is Sender Policy Framework which looks up for the authorized mail servers for the domain when an email is being sent.

Adding DNS records to your GoDaddy domain

  1. Login to your Godaddy account, navigate to My Products, and choose the domain you would like to verify in the web application and click DNS.

    This brings up the screen where you will have an option to add your DNS records. 

  2. Click “Add”. This allows you to add the DNS records that you copied from the web application.

  3. Adding the DNS records.

    1. Select CNAME from the Type drop-down.

    2. In the Host box, copy and paste the Host record as given in the web application without the domain name at the end

      Host record:
      The value is given in Freshmarketer:
      The value you should paste in Godaddy DNS record:
       lwq3a._domainkey Value record:  
      Copy & Paste the value record as it is in the web application (refer below screenshots)

    3. Click Save. Similarly, paste all remaining other records in Godaddy.

    4. Click on Verify after adding the records to your DNS manager.

Based on your provider, the verification may take up to 48 hours. You can check the status of each record from the status column as shown below. Until all the records are verified, the status of the domain will be shown as Pending. After verification, the status will be displayed as Verified.

You can set multiple domains and can choose a primary domain for your campaigns. With this, you can have any number of custom emails as you want.


Editing and deleting a verified domain:


Edit: You will not be able to edit a verified domain’s name. Although the primary email of a verified domain can be modified. Click on Edit from the domain dashboard. You will be navigated to the create screen where you can modify the primary email of the domain. Click on Next to proceed.


Delete: A verified domain can be deleted from the domain dashboard. By confirming, you are deleting the verified domain completely from your web application's account.