A well-thought-out email sent at the wrong time could become disastrous. Your contacts’ might unsubscribe from your emails or worse yet mark them as spam. Emailing your contacts at the right time, on the other hand, helps you achieve greater engagement and maximizes conversion opportunities. 


Here is how you can schedule and deliver email campaigns at your contacts’ timezones:


Timezone-based delivery in Email Campaigns


1. Click on the Schedule button, once you have designed your emails.

2. Select the Recipient timezone option. Your web application gets this information from contact fields like country, city, state, zip code, etc., or from your recipients’ IP address tracked by form submissions, page visits, custom events, etc.

3. Once you select the option, your web application displays the percentage of contacts for whom time zones are known.

4. For recipients whose timezone information is unavailable, you will be prompted to select a fallback timezone from the dropdown.

5. View the performance of your campaigns based on different timezones under Analytics.

Note: We recommend scheduling campaigns 24 hours in advance to cover every region/timezone.

Timezone-based delivery in Customer Journeys

  1. Create/ edit a journey and Add a time delay block from the list of control blocks on the right side of your journey canvas.

  2. Click on the block to configure the settings and enable the Resume Journey toggle to send emails based on your recipients’ time zones.

  3. Select your preferred day(s) and time that you want your campaigns to be delivered.

  4. Select the Recipients’ timezone option, provide a fallback timezone, and continue setting up your journey.

  5. View the performance of your campaigns based on different timezones under Journey Analytics.