Marketing Contacts are those contacts that have been part of the marketing activities in the past 30 days. Any contact that has been added to one of the following activities will be considered a Marketing Contact:

  • Email Campaign

  • Journey Email

  • Added to or Removed from a Journey

  • Transactional Email


Why are Marketing Contacts useful?

  • Pay for usage, not storage: The price is calculated only for contacts that are used in a campaign, not those that are stored.

  • Maintain a bigger pool of contacts at no additional cost:  The web application does not place a cap on the volume of storage of contacts. Hence, you can import contacts that will not be charged for when they are not used in the MAS module

How are Marketing Contacts calculated?

Any contact that has been added to one of the activities mentioned above is considered as Marketing Contacts. Your account is given a predetermined number of units of Marketing Contacts every month. Every time a contact is added to marketing activity, it is considered a Marketing contact and consumes one unit.

For example,

Consider your web application contains 20000 contacts, and your account has a quota of 5000 Marketing Contacts, only 5000 of your contacts are eligible to be used in any marketing activity for the month. This can be anything from an email campaign to a journey. However, the number of emails that can be sent to these Marketing Contacts depends on the plan:

PlanNumber of emails permitted
Growth5x email limit
Pro10x email limit
Enterprise20x email limit
x is the number of Marketing Contacts purchased

The rest of the 15,000 contacts cannot be used in any marketing activities. 

Every plan in Freshmarketer and Freshsales Suite comes with a set of free Marketing Contacts. Here is the number of free Marketing Contacts provided in the web application based on the plan.

Free Marketing Contacts (per month)
Web Application
Freshmarketer10020005000 10000
Freshsales Suite100100010001000

What happens when the quota of Marketing Contacts is exhausted?

A customer can always purchase more Marketing Contacts as an add-on. Marketing Contacts can be purchased in multiples of 5000. 

No of Marketing Contacts
[Applicable Products: Freshmarketer, Freshsales Suite
Applicable Plans: Growth, Pro, Enterprise

Up to 25,000 contacts

$100 month per 5000 marketing contacts

25,001-100,000 contacts

$75/month per 5000 marketing contacts

Above 100000 contacts

$50/month per 1,000 marketing contacts

When the Marketing Contacts limit for a month is exhausted, users will not be able to send more marketing campaigns. Users have only two ways forward:

  • Buy more Marketing Contacts 

  • Wait till the start of the next cycle when the limit resets

How to buy more quota for Marketing Contacts?

To buy more quota for Marketing Contacts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin settings > Plans and Billing 

  1. Click Manage Plans. This opens the subscription details page.

  1. Click the Marketing Contacts checkbox and select the number of Marketing Contacts you need for your account by using the slider. This add-on is automatically renewed in your next billing cycle. 

Email limit lifting: When signed up initially, the marketing email limit on your account will be restricted to 25. Sending emails from unverified domains will lead to spam filters blacklisting your domain. Hence, limits are placed on your account until have verified your domain and communicated the same to you.

How are Marketing contacts calculated?

Marketing contacts are unique contacts who can be reached via marketing channels (Email, SMS, and WhatsApp) during a billing month.

e.g., If the account has 10000 contacts and has a limit of 5000 Marketing contacts, the first 5000 unique contacts reached out via a journey will be marked as Marketing contacts for that Billing month. The remaining 5000 contacts can’t be reached out during the same billing month.

Are all contacts who enter a journey marked as a Marketing Contact?

No, only the contacts who receive marketing communication via WhatsApp, SMS, or Email will be marked as marketing contacts.

Contacts reached out via web widgets are not considered Marketing contacts. Using journeys to update a contact, add a note, trigger a webhook, etc. do not count as marketing contacts

Are marketing contacts required for segmentation?

No, marketing contacts do not apply for segmentation.

When are marketing contacts reset?

The marketing contacts get reset every month.