You can export your analytics data in the web application. When you export your data from Freshworks Analytics, you'll receive the .CSV file through email. 

Exporting your report

1. Go to Analytics and click the report that you would like to export. This opens the reports page.

2. Choose the report you’d like to export and click the report. This opens the report page. 

3. Click the  Export button. You can opt to Export to Email or download the report. 

4. If you opt to Export, the PDF download will be generated and sent to you via email.

5. If you opt to Download, the file is downloaded to your local system and can be opened on your browser. 

Popular use case:

Exporting contacts

To export your contacts :

1. Go to Analytics > Create report > Drag and drop a widget to add the same to your report.

2. Choose the metric "Contacts" and add any filters you'd like to add. For example, if you wish to get contacts that are owned by a particular Sales owner, apply the filter shown in the screenshot below.

3. Similarly, if you would like to export the contact from a view, then use the same filters of the view in the analytics filter and export the data.

4. Apply all filters and save the report. You can add multiple metrics and filters.

5. Click to expand your widget and click on the three dots to the upper right corner to export your data.

6. Choose csv of tabular data as the option to receive the underlying data of your report.

- If you wish to export contacts belonging to a list, you can use the filter "Lists" - includes similar to the Sales owner filter used above.

- To export deals/accounts alter the metric used from contacts to Deals and Accounts respectively.

- To export products that are associated to a deal, the metric "Deal line items".
- To export emails, you can use the "Sales emails" metric. You can filter for bulk emails using the subject as a filter.