With this feature, you can schedule your custom reports to receive them periodically without having to manually create the reports each time. Once you initiate the schedule, you will receive the reports through email based on the frequency you set.

To schedule your report to be sent to your inbox, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Analytics and click the report that you would like to schedule. This opens the reports builder page.

  2. Click the Schedule button. This brings up the report scheduler.

  3. Configure the following to set the schedule of your report:

    1. Frequency: Choose between Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

      1. Daily: Set the time of the day when the report needs to be scheduled

      2. Weekly: Choose the days of the week on which the report should run

      3. Monthly: Choose the day of the month on which the report should run. You can either designate this to be a specific date or a specific day such as the first or the last weekday of the month

    2. Recipient: Add the email of the user to whom the report should be sent. You can also add email addresses of your teammates or managers and send the email to them. However, the report will contain data based on the scope of the user to whom the email is being sent.

    3. Subject & Description: Add a subject and description to your email before you save the schedule

    4. Format: Choose the format in which the report needs to be sent. You can opt between PDF and CSV.

  4. Click . This creates the report schedule and presents you with a success notification.

Once scheduled, you can find the list of scheduled reports in your account from the settings tab. You can also turn off an ongoing schedule by clicking the toggle