Evaluating sales based on a timeframe is helpful to keep track of month-on-month, weekly or annual trends of a product’s performance.

These reports help you know if contact generation for your product is healthy for the current quarter or, if there is any considerable growth in the number of deals closed for this month. You can comfortably compare the growth trends across months, weeks, quarters or even on a day-to-day basis with these reports.

You can pull out reports using any of the time-based fields like :

Created at, Updated at, First contacted, Last contacted, First assigned at, and so on.

Ex: Say you want to see the no. of contacts added in the past week. You need to create a report and while adding a chart or selecting the type of tabulation (summary or matrix).

Here’s how you can create the report:

  1. Click the Analytics and Reports icon and select Analytics. This opens the reports page where you can find all existing reports. 

  2. Click the button. This will take you to the dashboard where you can add a new widget.

  3. Search for “Total contacts grouped by Owner Email” in the widget section, then you can drag and drop the relevant option onto the main dashboard in the middle.

  1. You can also drag and drop more widgets to the report similarly.

  1. If you wish to edit the widget, click the 'Expand' icon associated with the widget. This opens a new page where you can make changes to the metrics used in the widget. 

    1. You can add a metric by clicking the metric button

    2. Click Group by to group the data into sets.

    3. Click to apply the changes to the widget.

  2. Click  for changes to be reflected on the reports.

This creates your trendline report. You can edit these existing reports to add more widgets to suit your need and you can also add other time-based metrics.