Configure different subscription types for marketing emails so that contacts can be assigned different subscription types. This allows you to send highly targeted emails. These subscription preferences will determine the communication relationship between the Admin and the contacts uploaded within your web application’s database.


Subscription types represent the lawful basis to communicate with your contacts through email. Moreover, setting up different configuration types allows contacts to opt-out of certain subscription types and receive only communication that is relevant to them.

To create a subscription type,

  1. Go to Admin settings  > Subscription types.  This brings up a page containing all default subscription types. You will find the default types of emails and a description of the email types which would be enabled for all contacts.

  2. Click . This brings up a dialog box where you can add a new subscription type and give it a description. 

    Info: The description is for the benefit of the contact who can better understand what type of emails are they opting to unsubscribe to. 

  3. Click Save after adding the type name and description.

Note: All the default email types would be received by the contacts which are present in your web application as they are mapped as ‘subscribed’ by default.


Info: You can associate subscriptions types to contacts from the contact details page and during import.

Selecting subscription type email for Email campaigns and customer journeys:


Email campaigns-

  1. Go to Left Nav Bar > Email campaigns > Create Email Campaign or clone an existing email campaign.

  2. Design your email and head over to the Campaign Settings section. Here, you will find the option to select a specific email type for your campaign.

Customer journeys-

Head over to Journey emails and create your email from pre-built templates or from scratch. Design your email and head over to the Campaign Settings tab to select the subscription email type.

Note: When configuring an email campaign or a journey email, under the ‘review’ tab you will find the mandatory check if a subscription email type is selected or not

How does selecting a subscription type help?


While you may want to send out promotional frequently, email marketing involves much more strategy than that. It’s about building relationships with your customers. 


As you give recipients the power to choose the email preference, there are multiple instances where contacts would only like to subscribe to certain email types.

The benefit of allowing your customers to choose the content type they want to receive is that it helps with segmentation.


So, if you choose a particular email type while configuring an email campaign, only the contacts subscribed to the particular email type will receive an email which helps in delivering customized campaigns that are sure to elicit a better response.

Available Plans

No. of subscription types that can be configured452550