The Page visit trigger in Journeys enables Marketers to track contacts based on website visits. The contacts who’ve visited any of the configured URLs (eg. pricing page) will get included in the journey. 

Note: The tracking code has to be added on all the pages that you'd want to track. 

1. Drag and drop the ‘Page Visit’ trigger block from the list of blocks on the right side of the journey canvas.

2. Click on the block to configure the contact entry rule.

3. Provide a whole domain or specific page using the list of available match types.

  1. Equals

  2. Not Equals

  3. Contains

  4. Doesn’t contains

  5. Starts with

  6. Ends with

A maximum limit of 5 URLs can be added using the add option. The CRM tracking Code should be included in those URLs.

UTM Parameter match: Contacts can be added into the journey based on the UTM parameters.

Parameters like UTM MEDIUM, UTM CAMPAIGN, UTM TERM, UTM SOURCE, UTM CONTENT can be provided. The contacts will be included in the journey if the URL contains the specified UTM parameter.

Exclude URL: This option enables the user to exclude a few URLs from the domain included before.

Note: The condition operated here is ‘AND’ where only if all the conditions are matched, the contact will get included in the journey.