• To make phone calls using Freshcaller from within the mobile app, you will need to install the Freshcaller mobile app from the app store ( iOS / Android ). To learn more about the Freshcaller app and its functionality, read this article.


Configuring the phone functionality 

The mobile app can make calls using the Freshcaller app only if you have logged into your Freshcaller platform. Follow these steps to log into your Freshcaller app platform from your phone


  1. Open the Freshcaller mobile app and use your credentials to log into your account. The credentials for your web application's domain can be used to log into Freshcaller. However, replace ‘freshworks’ with ‘freshcaller’.

    This is how it will look like:
    <your freshworks crm domain name>

For example if your domain is, then you can log into Freshcaller using 
Once you are logged into your Freshcaller mobile app, you can start making calls from your mobile app using Freshcaller.


Making calls from the mobile app


To make a call,

  1. Open the mobile app.

  1. Click open a Contact of your choice.
    <CONTACT LANDING PAGE  screenshot> 
  1. On the contact landing page, click the Phone icon. This presents you with a choice to choose the number you wish to dial– work number, mobile number, or other numbers.
  1. Click the number you wish to dial. You will be presented with a popup that requests you to choose between your phone dialer or the Freshcaller app to make the call. Click on the checkbox to make Freshcaller your default caller.
    <CHOOSE PHONE  screenshot> 

    Note:  To revoke Freshcaller as your default caller and change it back to your phone, go to Settings > Phone preferences > Select Phone as default.

  1. Click on the Freshcaller icon. This opens the dialer.

  1. Click the Dial icon to initiate a call to the Contact.

To end the call, click End . You will be presented with a call log screen where you can add the outcome of the call and click . This will save the call log and bring it under the activity timeline.
<ADD CALL LOG  screenshot>