The mobile app allows you to create and send emails using the ‘Email compose’ feature.

Here’s how you can compose an email from your mobile app:

  1. Open the app and select a contact/account/deal. 

  2. On the details page, click the email icon on top. You can also click 'Send email' button under the activities tab.

  3. This pops up a screen that allows you to choose a recipient from all email IDs associated with the contact.

  4. Select the email recipient(s) and click Next. This opens the email compose window with the recipient email addresses pre-populated. You can also add Cc, Bcc, and additional recipient email addresses here.

  1. Compose your email by filling out both the subject and body of the email.

  2. Press the send icon to send the email.

To schedule an email:

To schedule an email, select the  icon after composing the email. This opens a pop-up that allows you to schedule the date and time at which the email will be sent to the recipient.

To attach a file

Click on the button. This brings up a popup that allows you to attach a file in one of three ways- 

  • Choose a file that already exists on your web application

  • Upload a file from your mobile device  

  • Shoot an image and attach it as a file to your email

Tracking an email:

The tracking function is by default enabled on all emails. To modify the same, click on the Track checkbox. This opens a popup that allows you to opt-out/opt-in for email tracking. It also allows you to link conversation to the Contact and add an unsubscribe link in the email.

To use email templates:

Click on the  button at the bottom of the compose window. This opens a page containing email templates present in your system. Click on one of these templates to auto-populate the subject and body of your email.