A sales rep gets in touch with the prospect in a number of ways. Every such meeting, call, and interaction is a sales activity. Configuring custom sales activity into your web application allows sales representatives can track relevant sales activities. By default, you are offered a default set of activities—tasks, appointments, and call logs.


You can view them on your home screen.

In addition to these, your Admin can add custom activities that are often used for your business. Once configured,

these custom activities can be used by sales agents in the Android and iOS apps.

Note: Only an Admin can configure sales activities. This can be carried out only from the web application.

How to add a sales activity?

  1. On your home screen, find the Quick Add button and tap the same. This brings a popup that allows you to add an activity.

  1. Select the activity of your choice. You can choose between default sales activities such as Tasks, Appointments, and Call logs. You can also choose a custom sales activity that has been configured into your account.

  2. Add details related to the activity. The Owner field is pre-filled and can be edited before saving the activity. In addition to details about the activity, you can also select the date, time, and venue of the activity and can also capture the outcome if the activity has already been completed. 

  1. Click Save ( ) after you’re done adding all the details. This captures the activity and saves it to the web application.

Note: Custom sales activities are available from the Pro plan for Freshsales and Freshsales Suite

Where can I see all the saved activities?

Activities once saved are added to the Contact, Account, or Deals’ details page. 

  • You can view all activities related to a particular entity from the Activities section.

  • To help you get more context, the activities get listed in chronological order.

Click on a particular activity to see the details—Owner, description, date, etc.

You can edit or delete the activity from here.