Personalize email templates for different contact segments in the mailing list, thereby enabling them to engage contacts with precision. Build a connection with your audience by sending relevant emails based on the selected segment. This ultimately adds to better campaign performance metrics.


Here’s how you can personalize campaigns:

  1. While creating the campaign, different segments on a list can be chosen

  2. Click on the Recipient list dropdown and choose the segments that you wish to send your campaign to. Click Done.

  3. Personalize your email subject line: It helps you build a personal connection with your customers through the subject line. The subject line of an email can be personalized based on the contact properties you have set. Click on Personalize. The default and the custom contact properties of your list will be populated in the drop-down.

    For example, when you click on the first name property from the drop-down, it will be included as {{contact::first_name}}, through which the first name of the contact will be filled while sending the email.

    If any of your contacts doesn't have a first name value, you can set a default text to show up instead of an empty value on the email. Here's how you can do it.


    The text 'Hello' will be replaced on the emails for the contacts which doesn't have a first name value.

  4. Personalize your email template: You can personalize your email templates in the Design step by using the "Personalize" button on the top right corner. You can switch between different segments to make the required changes for each of the corresponding templates. It helps you send different email content to varying segments inside your list. It helps in analyzing which template has better engagement.

  5. Merge tags (Placeholders): Using this option in the toolbar, you can include any attributes or placeholders into the email to make the email more personalized to the user. The placeholders will be filled in dynamically by the contact property values during email delivery. For example, by selecting the First Name, the first name of the user will be included on the email while sending.

  6. Once the template changes are done for each segment, click on the Save icon. To verify and reuse the templates, navigate to the Style tab and click on Saved subtab. A folder would have been created with the campaign name wherein you can view the templates for all the selected segments. These saved templates can be used later for other campaigns as well.

    Note: The 'Personalize for' dropdown will appear only if you have chosen more than one segment from the recipient list of your campaign.