Once you have the subscription preference set up successfully, learn how to manage the subscription preferences for your contacts.

Note: The existing contacts in your lists will be subscribed to all the default subscription types once set up.

There are 3 types of subscription status:

Subscribed - Subscribed to at least 1 subscription type.

Not subscribed - Not subscribed to any of the subscription types.

Unsubscribed -  Unsubscribed to all the subscription types.

The following subscription preferences are offered by default:

  • Marketing emails:

    • Conferences

    • Newsletters

    • Product Updates

    • Promotional

  • Non-marketing emails:

    • Sales sequences

    • Bulk Emails

    • Workflow emails

    • Transactional emails

How can I change the subscription preference for existing contacts?

  • From the contact details page: On the contact landing page, click EDIT ALL FIELDS button. This brings up the EDIT CONTACTS overview. Choose the subscription status field and select the subscription type.

  • From the contact module: Go to Contacts module, select the contacts, and click update field. Choose the subscription status field and select the subscription types.

  • When adding contacts by uploading a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file: During contact import, you can choose the subscription types for the contacts uploaded.