The web application offers a set of default filter views for all records such as My Contacts, All Contacts, My Accounts, My Deals, etc. Similarly, whenever a custom module is created, the list view of your module consists of a set of default views.


For example, if you have created a custom module “Books”, you can access default views such as All Books, My Books. These can be accessed by clicking the views button on the list page.

However, you can also create your own custom views from scratch by applying new filters to refine a list and narrow down to a desired set of records. 

To create a custom filter view, use the fields on your records as filter conditions, and refine results. Here’s how you can do the same.

  1. Click the Filters button to the top right of your page. This opens the filters pane.

  2. Add filters by clicking the add filter button. This brings up the list of fields belonging to the record.

  3. Choose a field that you wish to apply as a filter. Each field that you choose has a set of operators with which you can set your filter conditions.

  4. Click . This applies the filters and segregates the records accordingly.

How to save a filter view?

Here’s how:

  1. Whenever a new filter is applied, you will be prompted with a Save view as option on top of the list view.

  2. Click this prompt. It brings up the SAVE AS overlay.

  3. Give the view a name and configure its visibility.

  1. Click to create the new view.  

This creates a new filter view that can be accessed from the views section. 

You can also customize columns to bring in more fields into the list view by clicking on the "Edit columns" button: