During the course of using the web application, there are instances when records are deleted by mistake and would need to be recovered. All such deleted records are stored in the recycle bin.

Note: The recycle bin stores all deleted records for a period of 90 days before deleting the data from the web application permanently.

If you have deleted a record by mistake, here’s how you can recover it:

  1. Go to the list view. This is applicable for Contacts, Accounts, and Deals.  

  2. Click the Viewsbutton. 

  3. Find the Recycle bin section and click the same. This opens the recycle bin that consists of all recently deleted contacts. Similarly, the views sections in accounts, and deals will contain recently deleted records.

  4. In the recycle bin section, click the button associated with the contact that you wish to restore and click .

Alternately, to bulk restore a bunch of contacts, select them and click the button. 

  • You can restore only 25 records at a time.
  • When a contact is restored, all related sales activities will be restored. This includes call logs, contact list associations, and related chats
  • When an account is deleted, association with any related deal or child account is lost permanently. On restoring the account, this relationship will not be restored.
  • Records in the recycle bin will be present for 90 days before getting deleted permanently.


Using filters in the Recycle bin:

If the list of records in the recycle bin is vast, you can apply filters to sort the records and zero in on records of your choice.


Forget a record:

To remove a contact from your recycle bin, click the button associated the contact and click . This will purge the contact from the web application forever. To know more about the forget functionality in the web application, refer to this article.