What are tags? 

Tags are unique identifiers that allow users to label records. This is to help simplify sorting and accessing records. Users can create and access tags for any of their records— Contacts, Accounts, and Deals– and email templates.


How to create (default) tags as an admin?

  • Tags created from within the Tag settings page are referred to as Default tags and can be identified by . These tags show up as suggestions whenever users try to add tags to contacts, accounts, deals, and emails on the web application.

To create a default tag, 

  1. Go to Admin Settings> OTHER SFA settings > Tags.

  2. In the Tags page that opens up, you have the option to create tags for records ( contacts, accounts and deals) and email templates. 

  1. Enter the name of the tag that you wish to create in the box beneath ‘Create a tag’ and click

  1. Tags that are created here are considered as default tags if the private suggestions toggle is turned on.

    Once a tag is created, the web application presents you with a success notification.

    However, if a tag already is present under this name, then you will be presented with an error notification. You will then have to tweak the name of the tag to make it unique.

    Note: The tags created for records cannot be used or will not show up for email templates and vice versa.

How to create (custom) tags as a user?

Tags can be created in one of two ways:

  • On the list page

  • On the landing page

On the list page:


1. Select the records to which you would like to add a tag. After selecting the records, click the button.


2. Add tags by either searching for existing tags or by creating your own tags. To create your own tag, simply fill the name of the tag in the field and click .

On the details page:


1. On the details page, click the edit icon on tags. This brings down a dropdown.  



2. Search for existing tags. If there are no tags that suit your purpose, create a new tag by simply fill the name of the tag in the field and click “Add”.


3. After adding the relevant tags, click to save the tags to the record.

How to filter records based on tags?

To search for records or emails associated with a particular tag, use filters to search for tags, and find them using the keyword.

For email templates, you can use the tags to sort templates on the email templates page. 


Where can I use tags?

Tags help users label and segregate records without having to create a separate field and adding dropdown values. This makes it easy for users to maintain and access records with greater efficiency.


Importing tags:

  • To import tags, create a separate column for tags on your CSV file and import them.
  • If you are looking to add additional tags to your records through import, add multiple tags to the cell associated with a record (tag1; tag2; tag3) and opt for "update without override" during import.