The bulk assign feature allows you to transfer unassigned contacts or already assigned contacts to new owners. This is useful whenever an owner is deactivated or when newly added contacts need to be assigned. This also applies to deals and accounts


Here’s how it can be done:

  1. Head to the Contacts/ Accounts/Deals list view.

  1. Bulk select the records that you wish to reassign. You can also apply the requisite filters before you bulk select the records.

  2. Click on the button from the bulk actions tray. This opens up a dialog box that allows you to assign your records to the different owners that use the web application. Leave it blank if you would like to make all records unassigned.

  3. (Optional) Click on the checkbox if you wish to transfer all open tasks and appointments of the selected contacts to the user.

  4. Click. The records will now be assigned to the chosen owners.

    Note: Records can be bulk assigned only to active users. The web application does not allow users to assign records to inactive users.