In compliance with GDPR, your web application incorporates an option where users can opt to export a record from their system. This allows them to download their data when they opt to move to a new tool.


Here’s how you can ‘export’ a contact:

  1. Head to the contacts section. Find a contact of your choice and click open the same. This opens the details page of the contact.

  2. Find the "three-dot" button and click the same. You will be presented with a drop-down menu that allows you to execute various actions on your contact.

  3. Click the Export button. This will initiate the process of creating a downloadable file that contains your contact information.

  4. This will be followed by a success message. You will now receive an email containing a zip file. The zip file contains your contact information. 

  5. Download the zip file from your email and extract it to get your contact file. 

    Note: To download the data, you will be requested to authenticate using the credentials of your web application.

    Note: To bulk export a select set of contacts, use reports, and export a .CSV file consisting of contacts of your choice. To do the same, follow these instructions