Column customization allows you to choose the information you would like to see on the Contacts list view page. 

Note: You can pick upto 25 contact fields and have the contact data for those fields displayed as columns. This includes both default and custom fields.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Contacts section. The page that you land on is the list view. The columns Name and Score are fixed and cannot be replaced or shuffled. The other 18, however, can be replaced with contact fields of your choice.

  2. Click the Customize table option. This brings up the Customize table overlay. 

  3. The overlay gives you the following information, 

    1. The number of columns that are currently displayed in the list view. (For example, 9/50).

    2. Visible fields in table: Lists all contact fields that are currently selected by you.            

    3. Hidden fields: All unselected(default+custom) contact fields that can be made visible on the contact list view page on selection. These fields will be listed by categories. This includes Basic Information, Hidden fields,  and other categories created by the admin.

  4. You can reset the selection to default, where the following contact fields are displayed in the list view—Name, Contact score, Open deals amount, last contacted mode, owner, email, work.

  5. Fields, once selected, will move under the Visible fields in table section.

    You can reorder the fields using the drag-and-drop handle. Choose to place your most used ones on the top of the Visible column list for at-glance access

  1. Click Apply to save the changes made.


1. The changes made to the columns are not permanent and can be revised.

2. The changes aren't reflected throughout the account and are visible only to respect users.
3. 7 columns are visible in the list view by default.
4. To access all the column in the list view, use the horizontal scroll functionality.

5. A maximum of 50 fields can be added as column. When the limit is exhausted, you can deselect already visible columns to accomodate new columns.

6. The selected columns are reflected for all views (default as well as custom)