Use filters and sort options that make searching and prioritizing contacts easy. By default, your web application offers filter views like My contacts, New contacts, All contacts, Recently modified and so on that can be used. However, you can drill down further and refine these default views or create new ones from scratch.

With filters, you can use various fields to sort and refine your lead list and pull up relevant records. Add, save and use as many filters as you like by changing filter criteria. 


Here’s how you can create filters:

  1. Click the Filter by option to open the filter overlay from the contacts module.

  1. Use the search box to find the desired field and click the field. This adds the field as a filter. 

  1. Once the field is added, choose the field’s values that you want to filter by.
    For example: If you’d like to use the filter Owner, choose it from the drop-down. An Owner field is added below the search box. Click the dropdown associated with the field. This brings up filter conditions such as ‘conditions’, ‘does not contain’, etc.

  2. Set relevant conditions and add as many filter criteria as you like by clicking the + Add filter button.

How to save a custom view

If you use this filtered view often, you can save it and access it quickly from the contacts module to save you time and effort.

To create a new custom view,

  1. Apply the filter fields which are to be used in the view.

  2. Click the Save view as button.

  3. Name your view and set the visibility.

    Learn more about saving custom views from here. 


To use sort options,

  • Select a view from the contacts module. Click on the column header by which you want to sort the records. Each click lets you toggle between ascending and descending order of sorting.
  • Click Customize table option to add more columns to your custom view. As you can add any field as a column to the list view page, you can sort by all (default + custom) fields.

    You can also use filters in combination with the sort options to refine your results.

How do I discard my filter settings?

  • To revert to the default filter settings, click the Reset button below the Filter contacts by field.

  • To remove one of the filter criteria, click Remove present next to the criterion.