Views are a great way to get a filtered list of contacts based on certain criteria. Whether you want to pull the list of contacts you have not reached out to, or the list of contacts who are awaiting your reply, views help you get the records you need in record time.


You are provided with a few default views. In addition to these default views, you can create your own views and access them anytime by clicking the views button


You can also share the custom views with your team. However, users can view only those contacts that they have access to. 

  • My Contacts - Lists the contacts assigned to you.

  • New Contacts - Lists all contacts created in the last 24 hours. 

  • All Contacts - Lists all the contacts in your web application. 

  • Recently Modified - Lists the contacts whose information has been edited or updated in the last 24 hours. 

  • Never contacted-  Lists the contacts who’ve never been contacted.

  • Needs followup - Lists the contacts that need your immediate attention.  

  • Recently imported - Lists that have been recently imported into the web application

  • My Territory Contacts - Lists the contacts that have been assigned to your territory

  • Contacts with me in Team - Lists the contacts that have been assigned to your team

  • Recycle Bin - Lists the contacts that have been moved to the recycle bin. These will be stored on your CRM for 90 days before they are deleted forever 


Shared with me

You can find the views created by you, or shared with you under this section. You have access to 3 sample custom views, filtered based on the lead score. If you do not want these views, you can edit and delete them at any time. 

  • Active - Lists the contacts with lead scores greater than 70.

  • Inactive - Lists the contacts with lead scores in between 30 and 70. 

  • Slipping Away - Lists the contacts with lead scores lesser than 30.


At any point of time, you can modify these default views by adding more filter criteria from the Filter section and saving the view.  

To create a custom view,

  1. Go to the contact list page and click the Filter icon. A pane to add your filter conditions comes up.
  2. Using the + button, choose the fields that you want to filter by. The chosen field gets listed. 
  3. Add the value(s) of that field in the input slot that appears right below to filter records with the matching value. Learn more on the list of field types and the operators available for filtering.
  4. Click Apply. This applies the filter and the record list is updated for every field added. After adding all conditions for that particular filter view, save it.

To save the custom view,

1. Click the Save view as button. This brings up a slider that allows you to save the filter view.

2. Name your custom view and choose its visibility. You can configure visibility in one of the following three ways:

  • Just me: Only you can access the custom view. 
  • Everyone: Everyone user with access to the account can access the custom view.
  • Selected users, teams, and territories: You can opt to share the view with specific users, teams, and territories.

3. Click Save.

Once you’re done adding all your conditions, you can choose to select the columns that you want to see in the filtered list view.