A contact is a prospect or customer who has expressed interest in your product or service. Capture contacts through your website’s sign-up form, chats, email threads, appointments, phone calls, or via in a .CSV file or excel sheet from trade shows.

Once they’ve been roped in, you are given a full history of their activities in the past and their current activities, in real-time. 

Getting your contacts in :

  • The first step is to get your contacts inside the web application. You can do it automatically via email or chat and by using the Web library or manually through import, the Quick Add button, or via phone conversations.

  • When contacts are created with their email addresses, their social profiles and display pictures are auto-enriched. 
Note: The Web Application and Auto-enrichment of profiles are not available in Free and Growth Plans.

Finding your contacts:

  • From the Contacts tab, you can choose any one of the views you’d like from the Contact views drop-down, sort the results and filter them, to see a list of refined Contacts.
  • There are 7 default views, 3 sample custom views, and marketing lists that are provided. These views are editable and can be saved as new views or deleted permanently if need be.
  • If you’d like to narrow your search results further, you can add filters of your choice and sort the Contacts by their contact scores, lifecycle stage, status, and the time when they were created, updated, and last contacted.
  • Every search criteria can be saved as a custom view to keep you from modifying the filters over and over again.

Bulk Actions:

  • You can send a bulk email, assign the contacts to another user, merge contacts, update contact fields and delete contacts. To do so, select the contacts by clicking the checkbox beside their names from the Contacts list view page.

  • From the bulk actions tray, choose the desired button to perform the required action on the selected contacts.

    Bulk actions in Contacts module

Contact details page:

A quick glance at the landing page of any contact gives you all the data you need to engage with the contact better by tailoring your conversation to meet your contact’s business requirements.

  • When you click on a contact, you are directed to the contact’s details page. You can find the contact’s display picture, lifecycle stage, contact score, recent conversations, and recent activities.

  • In the Contact's card view, you can find the Phone number, Email, Source, Time zone, Owner, and Location of the contact. Apart from these fields, you can include six more custom fields of your choice.

  • All information on the contact can be seen when you click the View and edit all fields button.

  • You can view the contact’s notes, tasks, and appointments by clicking on the respective tabs.