The activities timeline is a section in the record details page (contact/account/deal)  that lists all the interactions the contact has had with your website, web app, and even with your sales and marketing reps. So when you would like to follow up on a contact a quick glimpse at the contact’s activities timeline would help you understand the engagement level of the contact from the emails received, pages viewed, demo requested, webinars attended, appointments made etc.


How to view the activities timeline?

To view the activities timeline,

  1. From the bottom navigation of the app select a module, for example Contacts.
  2. On the contacts list page, click a contact. The contact details page appears.
  3. Under the ACTIVITY TIMELINE tab, you can view the activity timeline for the contact

Types of Activities listed in the Timeline

  1. Lifecycle Events - Displays the progress of your contact by listing the changes in the contact’s stage, owner, and more.
  2. Website visits - Web pages viewed by contact.
  3. Events - Lists all the call-to-action buttons that your contact responded to on your website and app. For example, Webinar registration, Subscription Upgrade, Disabling an integration, etc.
  4. Sales emails - Sales emails that are sent, opened, clicked, bounced, delivered, replied, subscribed, and unsubscribed. 
  5. Marketing emails - Journey emails that are sent, opened, clicked, bounced, delivered, replied, subscribed, and unsubscribed. 
  6. Journey events - Entered and Exited journey events.
  7. Phone calls - Incoming and Outgoing calls with the contact.
  8. Chat - Sales activity chat.
  9. SMS - SMS sent and received. Also includes SMS sent via workflow.
  10. Appointments - New, updated, and deleted appointments.
  11. Tasks - New, updated, and deleted tasks, Contact associated/disassociated with tasks and tasks created via workflows.
  12. List events - Contacts added to and removed from a list.
  13. Custom sales activities - Contact associated/disassociated with sales activity.
  14. Chat FAQ page visits - Displays if a contact has read an FAQ article from the chat solution.
  15. Owner and Territory - Assigned via Auto-assignment rules.