Every user managing a record (contact/account/deal) will have a set of files associated with their records. To help the user keep track of and refer back to such files, you have the option of file attachments in the mobile application.

To add files to any record (say contact), follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. On the home screen, click Contacts.

  2. In the contacts list view, click a contact to land on the contact details page.

  1. Click the Floating Actions button. Choose Add File. Click Allow or enable camera /storage permissions on the Settings page of your phone for the mobile app to take a picture. You can also choose to upload a file.

  1. Enable the Make file visible to my team toggle to ensure that other users are able to view the file.

1) Any file to be attached should not exceed 20 MB.
2) File types supported are PDF, ppt, pptx, Word, Excel, Zip, image formats (PNG, JPG, Gif).
3) For a trial account, it's 1 GB irrespective of the no. of users.
4) The share option lets other users attach the same file to different records. Sometimes a file might be common to say, every contact in an account. In such cases, the share option comes in handy.