View the email conversations related to a record from the contacts, deals, and accounts modules.

To view the email conversations with a contact,

  1. From the bottom navigation of the app, click Contacts.
  2. In the contacts list view, choose a contact. The details page of the contact appears.
  3. Under the EMAILS tab, you can view the email conversations that have taken place with the contact.
  4. Click on a conversation from the list of emails to open the Email conversations page.
  5. You can choose to perform actions such as  Reply/Reply All/Forward on the email/s by clicking the respective buttons on the bottom menu. Alternatively, you can also click the three dots icon on the right of an email to perform the same actions. 

6.Click Go to contact or the back button to land on the contact details page.

To view email conversations related to accounts and deals, follow the same steps in the respective module.