You can set push notifications in the mobile app that helps you to be on top of the activities that you have for the day. Push notifications can be set for records or activities that are assigned to you by another user, reminders that you have set, and also for email tracking.

To set push notifications,

  1. On the home screen, click the three dots icon on the top

  1. Click Settings. The Settings screen appears.

  1. Under PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, you can configure the following types of notifications:

    1. Assignment: You can enable or disable notifications for the following assignments using the toggle:

      1. When a contact, deal or account is assigned to you

      2. When a task is assigned to you

      3. When a sales activity is assigned to you

      4. When a meeting is scheduled for you

    1. Reminders : You can enable or disable notifications for reminders such as meeting, sales activity or an upcoming task using the toggle. You can also set the time to be reminded from 15 mins to 60 mins before the activity commences.

    1. Email tracking: You can enable or disable notifications for the following email tracking events in using the toggle:

      1. When a recipient opens your email

      2. When a recipient clicks on a link in your email

      3. When a recipient replies to your email

Notification settings in the web application are independent of the settings in the mobile app. For example, you have the flexibility to be notified when a record is assigned to you in the web app and not receive a push notification in the mobile app and vice versa. The time set for reminder notifications in the web and mobile application can also be set differently as per your convenience.