The mobile app offers filter and sort options that make searching and prioritizing accounts easy.

The following are the default filter views for accounts:

  • Recently Imported

  • My Territory Accounts

  • All Accounts

  • My Accounts

  • Accounts with me in team

These views can be accessed by tapping the hamburger button in Android or the dropdown button in iOS from the Accounts list page. However, you can also create your own custom views from scratch by applying new filters.  

For e.g., to create a view containing a list of accounts assigned to you and having annual revenue of over 50000,

  1. Tap on the filter icon from the accounts list view. This brings up the Filters page.

  1. Tap Add filter to add a new filter condition. This brings up the list of all default and custom fields of the account that can be applied as filters.

Note: Fields that have already been applied will be disabled. Changes to the applied fields can be done from the Filters page.
  1. Choose the Sales owner field and add the condition ‘contains’ ‘Me’.

  2. Click Add Filter and choose Annual revenue.

  3. Choose the condition as > greater than and the value as 50000.

  4. Tap Apply to view the filtered list of accounts. To save this filtered view, go back to the filters page and tap SAVE VIEW.

  1. Add a name to the view and choose the visibility from Just Me, Everyone and Selected users, teams, and territories. Tap the tick icon on Android or the Save button on iOS to save the filter view which can be accessed from the views panel.

Modifying an existing filter view

Existing filters views can be modified only by the creator of the view. When you tap SAVE VIEW after changing conditions in a custom filter view, you can choose from the following options:

  •  Save to the existing view: Applies and saves the filters to the existing filter view.
  • Save as new view: Creates a new filter view and saves the filter conditions to the new view.
Note: If you navigate to another filter view without saving an unnamed view, the changes in the unnamed filter view will be lost.

To sort the accounts, click the sort icon on the top of the list of accounts and choose from the following sort options:


  • Deal value

  • Created at

  • Updated at

  • Last contacted

Along with any one of the above sort options, you can also click on Ascending or Descending under SORT ORDER on the same page to view the accounts in the respective order.