To create an account on the mobile app,

  1. On the home screen click the + Quick Add button. Alternatively, you can click Accounts on the bottom. In the accounts list view that appears, click the Floating Action Button. The Add Account overlay appears.
  2. The mobile app displays the quick add fields that have been configured in the web application in the Accounts Module.
  3. By default, fill in the following fields:
    1. Name - Enter the last name of the account (required field)
    2. Sales owner - You can choose the user who or owner who will work on the account.
  4. Click the tick icon on Android or the Save button on iOS to save the account. 

A success message followed by the details page of the newly created account appears. On the account details page, click the Floating Action Button to add deals, files, notes/voice notes, tasks, appointments, and call logs associated with it. You can view all associated data of the account in the respective tabs of the details page.