Notes helps you jot down details about a record and maintain critical insights on a record for future reference. You can take notes during different stages of your prospects lifecycle— be it during an in person meeting, during a product demo, after a call, or after any custom activity you have configured. 

Here’s how you can add and manage notes:

From the details page

  1. Go to the details page of a contact. 
  2. Find the Notes box on the right edge of your screen. Click to add a note.
  3. Type your note in the space provided.

    You can also choose a template from the pre-seeded options available in Freshsales.

  4. Click once you’ve added the note. This saves the note to your record.

Note:  Freshsales autosaves your notes after 5 seconds. If you missed to click Done before exiting the page, there’s no reason to panic as the note will be autosaved.

While capturing a sales activity

When capturing a sales Activity—be it a meeting or a call log, or even a custom sales activity— you can add notes to the specific activity and it will be associated with the contact. 

During a call

Add notes during a call for future reference. These notes are automatically saved to your call.

Revisiting notes

Once a note has been created, it is associated with the contact for whom the same has been created. Access notes from the contact details page. You will find that they've been laid out on a timeline.

Adding and maintaining note templates

Note templates are ready-to-use templates that help prepopulate a note section with text for specific use cases. They help save time by inserting regularly used text to a note and reduce repetitive work. This helps save efforts and also keeps information format consistent across your team.

Freshsales provides you with templates for several sales touch points such as first-call scripts,  discovery questions, product demo questionnaires etc.

To create a new template, click  while creating a note. This opens a slider, where you can add the content for your new template.

Once added, click  to save the template that you have created and apply it to your current note. If you just want to save the template for later use, click . You can also opt to make the template available for everyone or retain it as a private template specific to your use.

Freshsales, by default, offers 5000 free templates in the Growth plan. Once you have exceeded these limits, users will not be able to create new templates. Here's a breakdown of template limits based on subscription levels, distinguishing between public templates (which include seeded templates) and private templates:


Public template limits

Private template limits
Note: Seeded templates are not counted towards the template limits

  • While creating notes for deals, you can add a note and post them to Slack directly.
  • Switching screens during note creation automatically saves and minimizes your note, allowing you to pick up where you left off.