Whenever you as a sales rep meet up or talk to a prospect, it’s a sales activity. It could be a simple Zoom call or a face-to-face lunch meeting too.


Such activities might give you more context on where the deal with the prospect is heading. 


Keeping a record of these activities, their outcomes and some useful specifics that you get to know about the prospect from the meeting can be made note of with custom sales activities.


Some default activity types like tasks, appointments, etc. are available in the web application.


But most businesses might need additional sales activity types based on their sales process. With this feature, such businesses can use custom sales activities to suit their process. Once the account Admin configures the different types of custom sales activities, the sales reps can start using them. Every sales rep, irrespective of being a restricted user, user, manager, admin or account admin can add activities.


Note: Custom sales activities are available from the Pro plan for Freshsales and Freshsales Suite

What are the different ways of scheduling a sales activity?

A sales activity can be added in one of the three ways. 

  1. From the activities dashboard: Click on Add task to add a follow-up or a call reminder or click the Quick Add (+) icon to add a custom sales activity.

  1. From the details page:

  1. Click the Sales Activities button on the Contacts/Accounts/Deals details page to add a custom sales activity.

  2. Choose the activity and add the detail of the activity to the ADD SALES ACTIVITY overlay.

You can add details like start and enda date for the activity, related contact, sales owner, and collaborator

  1. Fill in the fields and click .

  2. New button form the global nav bar

  1. Click the ➕ button on the global nav bar. The activities section in this drop-down shows recently used sales activity types.

  2. Choose one of the options to create and track a sales activity.

  1. From the List view:

  1. From the Contacts module, select the check box next to a contact.

  2.  This brings up the bulk actions tray, where you can add a sales activity of your choice.

How do you edit a sales activity?


  1. Go to the Activities Dashboard section and click on the activity you want to edit.

  2. This opens up the Edit overlay where you can make required changes.


Where can you view all your activities?


All activities related to specific Contacts/Accounts/Deals are listed in their respective activity timeline. All upcoming activities can be viewed on the right panel. All sales activities are listed as tabs on the activity timeline; new activities are automatically updated in the tab based on the activity type. You can also view all upcoming activities on the Activities dashboard

<RECENT CONVERSATIONS section screenshot>      

How can you capture the outcome of a Sales activity?


Any sales activity—be it a call, a luncheon, or a coffee meeting—has a role in pushing the deal along its journey towards completion. Under such a scenario, it is always important to capture the outcome of such activity as it helps streamline the activity. The web application allows its users to capture the outcome of every sales activity on the platform. Here’s how you can do the same:


  1. Select the required sales activity from the activity timeline of the Contact/Deal/Account or from the Activities Dashboard. 

  2. Choose the "Add Outcome" option on the sales activity.

  3. This opens up an overlay where you can choose the outcomes from the available list of options. 

  4. Click . The outcome of the sales activity is now recorded. 

Note: In addition to adding outcomes to your Sales Activities, you can also create customized reports for the same. Follow these instructions and create reports for your Sales Activities.