Field Name



Name of the Custom Module

Eg: Name of the property, Name of the insurance plan, etc


Name of the user who is currently assigned the record

Created by

Name of the user who created the record

Created at    

Date and time when the record was created

Updated by

Name of the user who made the latest edits to the record

Updated at

The latest date and time when edits were made to the record

When a custom module is created, 6 default fields are created along with the module. These fields are grouped under Basic information and cannot be edited. In addition to default fields, you can also add new fields to your module and customize them to suit your business needs.

Note: Custom modules supports the creation of upto two unique fields per module

Here’s how you can add new fields to your module: 

  1. Go to Admin Settings  and navigate to Custom Modules from Leads, Contacts & Accounts.

  2. Click . This opens the page where you can create and manage fields present on your module. 

  3. Click . This brings up the ADD FIELD overlay.

  4. Choose the field type and click .

  5. Give your field a label, add a placeholder value, and configure the mapping for the field. 

  6. Click . This creates a custom field for the module.


Field limits

Custom modules are available only as a part of the Enterprise plan. Users can create a maximum of 310 fields.