Admins can initiate a transfer of all records from an existing owner and re-assign it to a new owner. This feature is particularly useful when a sales owner is moving out of the firm.

To transfer records,

  1. Go to  Admin settings > Teams & Territories > Users.

  1. On the User page, click the three dots icon associated with the user.  

  2. Click on the Transfer records button.

  1. In the dialog box that appears, select the user or sales owner to whom the records will be transferred.

  2. After selecting the new owner, click Transfer to transfer all records to the new owner.

  1. Upon successful transfer of records, you will be presented with a success message.

  • Transfer of records is an admin-only feature.
  • The transfer of records is not instantaneous and the time taken for the record transfer is subjective to the number of records owned by the user.