Improve your team's productivity using bulk actions on accounts.


To perform bulk actions, 

  1. Click the Accounts module, and select the accounts by clicking the checkbox beside them or click on the Bulk actions option to select all the accounts displayed on the page.

  2. Choose any one of the options in the tray to do the following.:


  1. Click Delete to delete multiple accounts at once. The confirmation dialog box appears.

  2. Type 4701 in the box to confirm the deletion. Enable Delete all the related contacts and deals checkbox.

  3. Click Yes to delete related records.

Note: If the checkbox is left unchecked, the related contacts and deals will remain in the product.

Upon successful deletion of your account, you will be presented with a Success message.    

You can also make use of this API to delete your accounts.

Update field

Click the Update field option to update one field for each selection. You cannot update multiple fields at once. 

You can also make use of this API to update your accounts.

Add Tags

Click on the dropdown icon next to Add Tags and choose either of the following:

  • Add Tags - To add tags to the selected accounts.
  • Remove Tags - To remove tags from the selected accounts.

Add To Sequence

  1. Click the dropdown next to Add to Sequence and choose either of the following:
    1. Add to sequence - If the selected accounts should be added to a sales sequence.
    2. Remove from sequence - If the selected accounts should be removed from a sales sequence.

  2. Choose the sales sequence from the dropdown. 

Assign To

Click the Assign To button to assign multiple accounts to a sales owner.


This button merges the selected accounts into a single record. Choose one of the selected accounts as your Primary record. The other accounts become secondary records and are deleted after their data is transferred to the primary record.

Note: Up to 25 records can be merged at a time.

1) The Free plan in all products has the Assign to, update field and delete bulk capabilities.
2) In addition to assigning, deleting, and updating fields in bulk, the Growth plan in Freshmarketer has the Add tags option while Freshsales and Freshsales Suite have the Add tags and Add to sequence.