An account is the company that you share business interests with. Contacts who represent an account are the account’s related contacts. The contact’s company is recorded as an account, and the expected business opportunity is added as a deal along with its value, stage, and expected close date.


Getting your accounts in

  • You can automatically add accounts using CRM Code libraries and manually through importing the accounts as a.CSV/XLSX file and via the + Quick Add button.

  • When accounts are provided with their website URL, their display picture, address, social profiles and number of employees, they are is automatically enriched.


Finding your accounts

  • From the Accounts module, you can choose any one of the views from the Views drop-down, sort the results and filter them, to see a list of refined accounts.

  • There are five  default views for accounts - My Accounts, All Accounts, My Territory Accounts, Recently imported and Recycle Bin. These views can be edited using filters and can be saved as new custom views.

  • You can sort accounts by their contact status and when they were created, updated, last contacted and more.

  • If you would like to narrow your search results further, you can add filters of your choice. You can save your filter criteria as a custom view to keep you from modifying the filters over and over again. Custom views show up in the Created by me section.

Bulk Actions

You can perform the following bulk actions on accounts:

  1. Merge

  2. Assign a user or owner

  3. Update a field

  4. Delete

  5. Add to or remove from a sales sequence

  6. Add or remove tags

Click here to know more about the bulk actions that can be performed on account 

Account details page

A quick glance at the details page of any account gives you all the data you need to tailor your conversation to meet their business requirements. When you click on an account, you are directed to their details page. 

  • You can find the company’s logodeals along with the recent conversations of the account’s related contacts

  • You can add Notes, Tasks, Appointments, and Files related to the Account.

  • Default and custom fields can be viewed and edited on the landing page.