The list view allows you to customize your UI for a comfortable viewing experience. You can resize and edit columns and also switch to a compact view to view more records without having to scroll.


Resize columns

With the column resizing functionality, you can fit more columns into your list view and get a compact view of your record information.

Here’s how you can resize a column:

  1. Go to the list view.

  2. Hover on top of the column header that you wish to resize. This highlights the edge of the column.

  3. Drag the edges of the column to resize the column to a size of your choice.
    Note: The name column cannot be resized.

To restore a column back to its original size,

  1. Hover on top of the edge of the column. 

  2. Double click your mouse. This restores the edges of the column back to the default size.

Edit columns

To edit the columns in the list view,

  1. Go to the list view.

  2. Click the Edit columns button on the right. The CHOOSE YOUR COLUMNS overlay appears.

  1. In the section below Visible columns, choose the field/s that you want to add to the Visible columns section by enabling the checkbox near the field.

1) You can choose a maximum of 20 fields.
2) The 'edit columns' option is available from the Growth plan.
  1. To remove columns, uncheck the field/s in the Visible columns section.

Compact view

The compact view truncates the height of rows.

To switch to the compact view, click the Switch to compact list view button on your list view. You can switch back to the default list view by clicking the hamburger icon.