You can assign contacts to users individually and in bulk. By default, the user adding a contact is made the owner but you can always reassign the contact to a different user.


Assigning a contact to a user from the details page

  1. Click on a contact from the Contacts list view page. In the details page of the contact, click the Edit (View and edit all fields) icon.
  2. In the Edit Contact overlay, choose the user you would like to assign the contact from the Sales Owner dropdown.
  3. Click Save.

Bulk assigning contacts to a user

  1. Go to Contacts module.
  2. Select the contacts to assign to a user by enabling the checkbox beside their names.
  3. From the bulk actions tray, go to More actions Assign to
    Assign to bulk action in Contacts
  4. In the Assign to overlay, choose the user you want the selected contacts assigned to from the dropdown.
  5. Click Save.
Note: You can also enable the option If there are open tasks and appointments with the contact, assign them to this user too to ensure that the new owner has all the information on the contact.

Assigning contacts to a user via import

In case you want to map different owners with different records, create a column that has the email addresses of the registered users, so that the contacts are automatically assigned to the respective users. If you want to map all the contacts to a single owner, you have the option to select the owner during import. 

Assigning a contact to a user from the Chat Widget

Assign contacts to users right from the chat widget. Click Assign to Agent and choose the respective user.