A contact’s information is saved in three groups: 

Basic Information

This includes all the default contact fields that can be filled in manually through contact forms, during import, or automatically using our CRM Web library.

Here’s the list of default fields:

Field Name


First name

Contact's first name

Eg: James

Last name

Contact's last name

Eg: Sampleton

Sales owner

The user who created the Contact


The company that the contact works at

Eg: Widgetz

Upto 10 companies can be associated with a contact

Job title




Contact's department at work

Eg: Sales


Contact's email address

Eg: jamessampleton@gmail.com

Telephone numbers (Work & Mobile)

Respective phone numbers

Other phone numbersAdditional phone numbers
Note: You can add 1 value for this field in the Free and Growth plans, and 10 values in the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Lifecycle stage

Lifecycle stage of the contact
Eg: New prospect, Returning customer, etc.


Status type 

Eg: Trial, demo, etc

Has authority

If the Contact has the authority to take transactional/monetary decisions.

Do not disturb

Contacts who've opted out of promotional or any other bulk email campaigns.


The timezone of the Contact

Eg: Pacific Time - US & Canada


Door no, Street name

Eg: 32, Baker Street


Eg: Brisbane


Eg: California


Eg: 4030




Facebook username (auto enriched)


Twitter username (auto enriched)


LinkedIn username (auto enriched)


Source of the Contact- where it came from

Eg: Organic search or the web, etc


The campaign that directed your Contact to your website or app


The medium(channel) that led your Contact to your website or app


The search keywords that your Contact used

Additional Information

This includes custom fields that capture additional information about the contact such as Date of birth, Alternate address, Years of work experience etc. The custom fields can be filled in manually through the contact forms or during import. 

To customize contact fields,

  1. Login to your account as an administrator.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Leads, Contacts, & Accounts >  Contacts

  3. Look for the contact field that you would like to edit via the search bar on the Settings page. If this is a dependent field, you will be able to view the controlling field like the below:

  4. Click the Edit Field icon beside a field under Basic Information, Additional Information or Application data. 

  5. In the Edit Field Type overlay, 

    1. You can edit the Field Label, and add a Tooltip and Placeholder text. The Internal Name and Field type for default fields cannot be edited. However, they can be edited for custom fields. You can also move the field to a group of your choice by selecting from the Group or sub-group dropdown.

    2. You may edit and delete the existing choices, or add new ones by clicking the Add choice button. 
      When you delete the existing choices, the value for those records would become blank.

    3. Once you are done, click Save.

Learn more about creating custom fields for contacts.