You can now save time on creating your articles by creating templates for How to, User guide, FAQs, and more. While creating these templates, you can make use of the wide array of advanced content formatting options. 

Working with templates involves:

A quick guide to creating a new article template

  • Go to the Solutions tab and click on the menu icon to access Quick views
  • Under the Quick views, click on Article templates to open the Article template list view

  • Here you will be able to create a new template and view all the article templates available in your knowledge base
  • Click on New template to open the template creation space and add your content

  • After adding your content, you can also mark the template as default to automatically load the template when an agent is creating an article

  • Save the template once you complete formatting your content

Note: You can create a maximum of 30 article templates in your Freshdesk account

A quick guide to managing existing templates

  • All the saved articles can be accessed from the article templates list view
  • Hovering over any of the existing articles displays the following icons 
    • Edit: Opens the edit template workspace which allows agents to make changes to the selected template
    • Use template: Opens the new article workspace with the template already populated
    • Clone: Opens the copy of the selected template which can be updated and saved as another template
    • Delete: Opens the delete confirmation window that requires you to enter the title of the template to be deleted

Note: To be able to manage article templates, an agent should have the manage template access

A quick guide to using a template

  • To use a template in a new article, click on use template after saving an article

  • This opens the new article page where the template content is automatically populated
  • While creating an article, you can use the Quick insert to open the template window and add the required template

  • You can also insert a template from the Templates section on the right pane of the new article page

  • Make the necessary changes to the template and save or publish the article once it is ready