Configuring a marketing campaign usually requires several iterations. With journey workflow versioning you can modify a running journey and create a new version. You can also access the previous versions of a journey to understand what works and what doesn’t.

How to edit an active journey?

To add new steps to a running journey, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Journeys icon and click All Journeys. This brings up all the journeys present in your account.

  2. Click the journey that you wish to edit. This displays the journey builder with the current version of the journey.

  3. Click the  button. You will be presented with a dialog box. Click .

    This opens up the journey builder and allows you to make changes to your existing journey.

  4. After making changes to the journey, click. To discard the changes, click.

When you republish the journey with the new changes, all contacts added to the journey follow this journey. The previous journey is saved as an older version. All contacts added to the older journey will follow steps as they were until the point of change.

Click the Version History button to access the previous versions.


  • The current version will be overridden and the draft version once published will become your active version.

  • Contacts that enter the Journey after it has been republished will flow into the new blocks.

  • Contacts belonging to the following blocks along the journey will flow into the new blocks:

    • Delays triggers which haven’t expired yet

    • Email actions like open, click or similar ones

  • Batch triggers like list, segment– neither existing ones nor the new one–  will be re-processed. 

  • New contacts post republish will be onboarded.