If you are having an active domain with the BlueHost, then follow the below steps to verify your  domain registered with Bluehost in Freshmarketer 

Step 1:

Add your preferred domain in your Freshmarketer 

Go to settings => Domain Verification => Add domain 

After entering the domain name and sender details, select “Create” 

New DNS record values will be created for the domain you provided. Now send this DNS details to your IT team or to anyone who can access and edit these DNS details for your domain.

Step 2:

Login to your BlueHost account and Navigate to “My Domains” and choose the domain which you would like to Verify from the drop-down menu 

After choosing your Domain name, Add the “Host Records” and “Points to value records” given in Freshmarketer to BlueHost.

Host record:


The value is given in Freshmarketer: 2dwxxx1._domainkey.freshmarketer.com

The value you should paste in BlueHost DNS record: 2dwxxx1._domainkey


Points to Value record: 


Copy & Paste the Points to value record as it is in Freshmarketer (refer below screenshots)

Step 3: 

Similarly, paste the remaining six other records in BlueHost. Once you copy-paste all the seven records from Freshmarketer to BlueHost it will look like the below in Bluehost( refer below screenshot)

Now Click “Verify Domain” In your Freshmarketer account to get all the records verified.

Always ensure the verification records are added to your DNS manager before you click “Verify Domain”. You can see “Verified” status beside your domain name once records are verified(refer below screenshot)