Why need domain verification?

Authentication of the Sender email address is a prerequisite for sending an email campaign.

When you have multiple senders on the same domain, this verification allows you to save your time by verifying your whole domain instead of verifying each sender email address.

Once you have verified your domain, the senders of your domain can skip the manual verification while sending a campaign.

For example, let’s say your domain name is company.com

Once you have verified the domain company.com, the senders who are part of the company.com domain need not validate their email address every time while sending a campaign. 

There could be multiple teams working on your organization who would want to send their individual personalized campaigns. Consider the below sender email IDs for instance.





The above sender email IDs will be verified automatically once the domain company.com is verified.

i.e {use anything}@{verified domain}

If the domain company.com is not verified, each sender email IDs have to be verified individually to send campaigns.

Please check this help article to know how to verify a domain.