Freshmarketer Marketing Journey provides you a great option to notify your internal teams when certain actions take place. Internal notification can be used for many scenarios depending on your use cases. Here we have shared a couple of common scenarios. 

Scenario 1: When a new lead is generated you can notify your sales reps via email saying “New lead has been created, please follow up” 

Scenario 2: When contact became a paid customer, you can send an email to your presales folks saying “New customer onboard, please follow up & schedule a demo” 

Others can be Churn, Demo request, Upgrades, Downgrades, etc..,

Follow the below steps to create an Internal Notification

To automate scenario 1, please follow the steps below: 

When a lead submits a form, pass that data to a separate list. 

Create a workflow with “Add to list” as a trigger, whenever contact is added to the list, a new Internal notification email will be sent to the sales rep as per the below configuration. This can be your sales agent-specific email or else can be your distribution list email. It is up to you to choose. In total, 5 email addresses can be added to send an internal notification.

Internal notification block configuration

To automate scenario 2, please follow the steps below:

Create a “Custom field” in Freshmarketer as per your need. In the below example we have created an “MRR” as a custom field. We update MRR value via webhook from a third-party tool where we store revenue data (like Chargify). 

Whenever a contact field with MRR value changes, a new Internal notification email will be triggered to PreSales folks saying “New customer onboard, Please schedule a Demo”

Once you are done with the configuration, you can make use of the "Save and Send Test" email option to preview the content of how your recipients will receive a notification email. 

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