• Want to know how your active workflows(journeys) are performing?

Freshmarketer provides you with live status of how each block is performing or have performed during the journey.

> From the ‘journeys’ dashboard, select the active or stopped journey you want to view.

> You are taken to the live view of the specific journey.

Once selected, you shall find the numeric data of each block.

Why need a live view?

You can understand how many contacts

  • have entered the particular block.

  • have not met the criteria or yet to satisfy the criteria set.

  • have exited the particular block and proceeded to the next one.

For example, let us consider one of the journeys shown below.

You can notice that,

Contacts in the particular list considered for the journey: 18

Contacts considered for sending the particular Email campaign: 18

Contacts who have opened the particular Email (satisfied the criteria ‘On Open’): 16

Contacts who are yet to open the Email (yet to satisfy or not satisfying the criteria): 2

Note: The live view is greyed out when a journey is in ‘scheduled’ or in ‘draft’ status.